SB1 "Wam Bam" - Custom Pro Wood Bat

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9Positions SB1 Wood Bat


The SB1 "Wam Bam" is a dense, durable bat. This bat produces that crisp, loud pop players crave, letting everyone around you know you've just crushed the ball. " It's a twist on the C271. It has a thin handle and it's outfitted with a slightly larger barrel.




If you're a novice hitter, this bat isn't for you. This bat has less give - it's a maximizer. Find the sweet spot and you transfer maximum energy to the ball. Miss the sweet spot and your miss-hits are exaggerated.




Are you an experienced, confident Gap or Power hitter with the skills to match? The SB1 Wam Bam is the perfect complement to your game.


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