Enjoy a Powerful Swing

Madwire 25th Nov 2014

Looking to hit one out of the park this spring? With the holidays approaching quickly and baseball season right around the corner, why wouldn’t you want to order your very own custom baseball bat? Wood bats have been used for years, and they are starting to make a comeback like never before. Using a wood bat while you play baseball is like having history in the palms of your hands; swing that bat with power and speed like never before when it is from 9Positions.

No matter if the bat is for you, or your son, our bats are perfect. Accomplish the highest batting average ever imaginable when you swing a custom wood bat when taking the plate. If your goals this season are to smash one out of the park, we are confident that you will be able to do so. Our custom pro wood bats start at $80, keeping them affordable for any family during the spring baseball season. In fact, if you are used to swinging a metal bat, the R7 Custom Pro Wood Bat is for you. This 9Positions customized bat is based off of a metal bat. It was specifically designed to give you a metal bat feel, with the power of a wood bat swing. You can expect the baseball to get the energy it needs to carry itself over the fence line. Choose this custom wood bat in ash or maple and customize it with length, coating and barrel. Even get your name engraved with your jersey number! Create your order before the holidays pass and get a deal that you can’t resist. 

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