9P Baseball Consultants

Charlie 6th Nov 2014

9P Baseball Consultants


My name is Charlie and I represent 9Positions Sports. Who is 9P? Not only do we have a cool name and logo. We are the first baseball consultancy sporting goods company. We help teams, leagues and parents manage what players need for the field, on a personal level.

Our clients come to us with a requirements and we decorate finished apparel or produce a customized look. The most fun we have is making our own 9P pro wood baseball bats.  We have a trusted group of player reps who are ready to advise, train and educate our clients to get results off and on the field.

We are located in Queens, NY and we have a cool phone number 1(844)WOOD-BAT and we would like to talk or text with you about our services. Please visit our website http://www.9positions.com, for info on our 9P bats and customized baseball gloves.

We have some cool things that we will be arranging, such as

  • Product Demos.
  • Player Wood Bat Swing Analysis.
  • Instructional Blogs and Videos.

If your team or individual player had some difficulty this year. Contact and send us a video of the player swinging from a couple angles. We will call you back and tell you what we see.

Thanks for your time.


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