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Hello. We have some exciting news about 9Positions. We've been working to have "in stock" the products that you need,like now. We see you visiting our website, looking around and possibly designing a glove or bat, then say "I need a wood bat now" or "I can't wait for a glove, I need to replace gamer". 

Make sure to take a look at our inventory of gloves that ship immediately upon purchase. Our stock wood bats are in the paint room and will be ready to be boxed and shipped immediately.

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Use the right wood bat model, for you?

Its spring time, the snow has melted away, and baseball players are returning to their sanctuaries, the baseball diamond. Time to show the hard work they put in the cages all winter. Its never more important to buy the right wood bat model to get the desired results. So ask yourself, what type of hitter are [...]

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Hit Home Runs With A Custom Wood Bat

Finding the perfect baseball bat can be difficult, which is why at 9Positions we have made it possible for you to get a custom baseball bat at a price that you can afford. Our company has had the pleasure of creating baseball bats from scratch for years, and we would love to be the ones [...]

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Christmas Colored Baseball Gloves!

Christmas is right around the corner, which means you need to find a gift that will make an impact on your little boy’s life! If you have a child that loves to play baseball, then it is time for you to start shopping with 9Positions online right now.We are in the spirit of Christmas and [...]

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Enjoy a Powerful Swing

Looking to hit one out of the park this spring? With the holidays approaching quickly and baseball season right around the corner, why wouldn’t you want to order your very own custom baseball bat? Wood bats have been used for years, and they are starting to make a comeback like never before. Using a wood [...]

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9P Rize custom baseball glove

9Positions "RIZE" Series Glove "Rize" is  9Positions' premium line of custom baseball glove and mitts. We are very excited about Rize because our glovemakers have constructed a custom glove that has the strength, shape and weight that serious players are looking for.  Rize models are made from  best Japanese Steer and Japanese Kip leathers from top tanneries. Orders for [...]

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9P Baseball Consultants

My name is Charlie and I represent 9Positions Sports. Who is 9P? Not only do we have a cool name and logo. We are the first baseball consultancy sporting goods company. We help teams, leagues and parents manage what players need for the field, on a personal level. Our clients come to us with [...]

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Know What to Look For When Choosing Your Homerun Hitting Bat

If you are in the market for an amazing custom baseball bat, look no further than 9Positions. We have one-of-a-kind custom wood bats that can give you the top quality you’re looking for with the performance that can’t be beat. If you have always used composite bats in the past and never quite got into [...]

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