Your baseball gear... it's ruining your game.


Have you ever struggled to catch the ball and throw it to base?

Does the ball bounce or bobble when it hits your glove?


It's not you, it's your gear.


Maybe it's a challenge to hit the ball where you want it.


Your bat doesn't move the way you want it to, the ball never seems to go where you tell it to. You see the pitch, you know you should be connecting, your technique is good - but you're still not getting the hit.


Then, when you get a hit, it's a foul ball or pop fly - an easy out.


Any of that sound remotely familiar?


It's not you, it's your gear.


When it comes to amazing performance, baseball players make one major mistake.


They blame themselves for everything that goes wrong on the field.


If they're not hitting the ball or fielding the way they want, when they want, they assume they're doing something wrong. And you know what? They may be right.


But they're making a huge mistake


Amazing performance begins with amazing gear. Players perform best when their equipment is made for their body type and playing style.


Let me show you what I mean.


If you're an ectomorph like him, you may need a thin handle, long barreled bat.


What if you're an endomorph? Well you need a large barreled (2.5" - 2.625") bat with a thicker handle.


What about mesomorphs? Haven't forgotten them, they need a medium handled bat with a standard barrel (2 1/2").


I'm generalizing a bit but you get the idea, right?


The wrong gear primes players for failure


Get a bat that's too heavy for your body type/style and you'll find yourself overcompensating - using more muscle and elbow grease - to get the hit. Now all of a sudden, it takes five seconds longer for you to get to first base - right before you're tagged out.


The wrong equipment builds bad habits into your game.


It makes you slower, teaches you to move the wrong way, to use the wrong muscle groups - all to get subpar results.


So that means...


Baseball players all over the country are failing because they're using the wrong equipment?


That's right.


9Positions prepares You to Win


We make players 25% better, year over year.


How do we do that you ask?


It starts with our signature tools, Batster and Committ.


Batster helps you find the perfect bat, Committ helps you find the perfect glove. These free tools ask simple, easy-to-understand questions about you (how you play, your experience, strength, speed, etc.). Our recommendation engine provides you with suggestions that are tailor made, just for you.


Because amazing performance begins with amazing gear.


It continues with training and education.


We make players 25% better, year over year by educating them. We give members of our Crackerjack club, free access to our collection of incredibly talented and knowledgeable pros.


  • Professional ball players
  • Committed trainers, coaches and specialists
  • Baseball scouts and recruiters
  • Doctors and nutritionists


We share our training regiments. We show players (large and small) how to improve their game quickly. We run training camps and workshops year round. We give you VIP access to our network of batting cages and training centers.


We show you how to create a system that makes winning, a habit.


So who's behind 9Positions?




Hi, I'm Andre. I'm the face behind the name.


<span>Andre in uniform</span>


On a hot day in 2002, while playing semi-pro baseball for the Panthers, my eyes were opened. I realized most players were playing baseball with really bad equipment.


It wasn't just my team.


My teammates, players on other teams, up-and-comers were all using poorly made gear. As you might've guessed, this hurt our game a little bit. As I looked closer I noticed more and more. This bad equipment epidemic created lots of little problems for players.


They were bogged down.


So I found specialty manufacturers, those with high quality equipment, and I started reselling them. I sold them to my teammates and other players. The results were fantastic. They were excited.


But it wasn't enough.


So I started my research. I put together a group of top tier suppliers. I used the highest quality wood to create a line of high quality wood bats, the kind of bats you couldn't buy from your local sporting goods store.


It was the start of 9Positions.


Since then my goal has been simple. Make baseball players 25% better.

Make them 25% better... 

Than last season.

Than their teammates.

Than their personal best.

Than they thought they ever could be.


We've done it for other players with our Crackerjack Club and we can do it for you. Remember my motto?


Amazing performance begins with amazing gear.


What if you just want to play for fun? What if you're not looking to be better than anyone else? Maybe you just want to be better for you, to get in amazing shape, beat your personal best, or just have fun?


We can help you do that too.


Ready to get started?

Get your free assessment from Batster and Committ.



Batster helps you find the Perfect Bat

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Committ helps you find the Perfect Glove

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